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6 definitions by juggalo

cool, fresh
My avatar is phresh
by juggalo April 15, 2003
118 81
a skanky, tattooed, trashy ho who wears a tight shirt that shows her gut, tight pants to show off her fat ass and wears pink boots from the 1980's. also has two first names.
Annmarie is the tpt on the floor.
by juggalo January 04, 2005
38 17
shaggy 2 dope;one of the two members of I.C.P. other than violent J
yo, shaggs is tha southwest strangla i dont wanna fuck wit him
by juggalo March 29, 2005
24 9
an insane clown posse version of motherfucker(dont use unless you like insane clown posse:D)
ill kick your ass like that mothafacko
by juggalo April 17, 2005
3 2
pu-say originated from pussy which came as a slang word for vagina,)
which is what i got from your mom last nite, pu-say, ( your mom has a tight pussy
by juggalo March 17, 2005
9 10
Hey you, you dubm bitch sittin ova thurr cum ova hurr and les play around and thun i'll blow you off and before that u can sock muh cock!
A Dumb Bitch Is Like A Blonde
by Juggalo June 01, 2004
25 91