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the act of performing cunnilingus to two women at the same time; the head of the 'giver' turns left & right, as in a tennis game
wow! that 3-way last night was great! I played Beaver Tennis with those two girls & almost wrenched my neck!
by judah maccabee July 19, 2008
mouth; the "hole in your face" that you use to kiss others
"Wow, he's got a great kisshole."
by judah maccabee January 20, 2010
White Person With Dreads
A Caucasian hipster who thinks it's the height of racial respect to emulate the dreadlocks of an African American person, but it's actually inauthentic. ex: I was walking through the village and saw a WPWD who thought he was so cool... but he wasn't.
by judah maccabee July 11, 2010
"My Laughter Was Audible" aka "Laugh(ed) Out Loud" - the problem with the latter being overuse and near death as a web acronym; there are many web users who shy away from typing LOL even if they did, in fact, laugh out loud, for fear of sounding trite and cliche, hence a new acronym evolved to cover the same action.
"That was so funny."


"I can't believe you did that"
by judah maccabee January 08, 2010
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