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Every seven weeks, an adolescent child will take their dinner to their room. Shortly after arriving, they decide to masturbate into the nutritious meal, thus creating a juvenile pie. The act is only complete after baking the "pie" at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Said "pie" is usually thrown at gay clowns after baking.
Kenny hated gay clowns so he took his favorite meal upstairs and made a Juvenile pot pie.
by juciepinktacos August 18, 2011
When vagina shopping all should request the vagfax. Remember before buying a used vagina to get the vagfax. It will show you all of the owners of the vag and any "accidents" (also known as miscarriages) that have taken place in this vagina.
Meg Griffin seemed to have a very nice vagina until Jimmy pulled the vagfax. Come to find out she liked the black meat :-/
by juciepinktacos August 18, 2011
When you are making love to your partner and her pussy lips vibrate against each other making a farting noise. Commonly known as purring. Not to be confused with queefing.
I was pounding away on Sally when she started making The Cats Meow unintentionally. Yeah I made that shit Purr.
by juciepinktacos August 18, 2011

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