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This is the act of two dudes standing face to face jerking each other off, trying to get the other individual to ejaculate first. The winner gets a warm white summer's wind on his genitals, resulting in him firing back.
Daniel says to Timothy "I challenge you, sir, to a South Carolina Wild Turkey Jerk."

Timothy's closeted gay self only replied with a smile and an eager "Hell yea bro!"
by juciepinktacos August 18, 2011
This is a crafty sexual act, usually involving several midgets, in which all members give the subject a golden shower. Shortly after the last midget has finished, they then allow an ogre to defecate on the subjects chest. The warmth of the feces helps warm the subject who is used to colder climates in the northern regions of Michigan.
Jenny was about to die from frost bite so the midgets of the village pulled The Amy Posey on her.
by juciepinktacos August 19, 2011
The act of dipping your pen in the company ink. Lowe's is a cheap lemonade stand for married people to have sex with other married or unmarried individuals. Therefore you are involved with a 25 cent hooker.
Alfred was recently wed as he acquired his position at Lowe's. Once a team member he engaged in the act of the Lowe's Lemonade Stand, impregnating two girls. He realized it was a cheap free for all.
by juciepinktacos August 18, 2011
The act of placing a fruit of some sort (typically a tangerine due to its small size) into the anus of another person, completely blocking the flow of fecal matter. Once the item is removed, the subject should rush to the toilet, as the resulting removal of this item will make the built up feces slam out of the asshole, like a powerful smash from a sledge hammer.
Alexis was in a drunken coma on Brian's couch when Gary gave her a Tangerine Sledge Hammer, 12 hrs later when she awoke ( not due to ruffies) she immediately let her bowels loose into the clothes hamper.
by juciepinktacos August 18, 2011
When a stinky Mexican knowingly gives their partner an epic case of the crabs. This usually takes place at a small family gathering of some sort, (this is a common event for using a chafing dish.)
Juan threw a fiesta last weekend, which resulted in giving a Mexican chafing dish to four cousins, two grandparents, and the gardener.
by juciepinktacos August 18, 2011
The act of corn holing a sheep during February 29th Leap year more times than not a carrot is involved
It was the end of February and the young sheep was fooled by The Gary Brilhante.
by juciepinktacos August 18, 2011
While hanging out with your family, you and at least one family member fire fart cannons to each other.
While Amy and her parents were watching Dog the bounty hunter, her father busted ass, Amy politely returned fire. Resulting in a Family fart war.
by juciepinktacos August 18, 2011

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