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the position in which a male at a urinal uses one arm to hold his junk while the other arm rests above his head against the wall; often legs are slightly spread more than usual

-variations include the one hand on junk and one hand on waist

-for the extreme urinators both hands holding the junk while head rests against wall above urinal
The man struck the peepose as he began to urinate.

That's one awesome peepose!

Which peepose do you normally assume when peeing?
by jubummy September 02, 2010
The Kin phone became dead to Microsoft thus coining the slang term 'kin' as a verb. Similar to other technological words on the forefront of language being used as verbs i.e. google and bing

Can be used in place of kill in almost any situation.
By stepping on a bug he 'kinned' it.

"Let's kin this thing!"

"I'll kin you bitch!"

That dude just went on a kinning spree!
by jubummy July 01, 2010

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