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2 definitions by jubchuQun

Nasblitz pr. NAHS-blits -noun

A term describing the sudden, eye-watering sensation caused by eating to much wasabi in one bite. Typically experienced while eating sushi or sashimi.

Etymology: German "nase" (nose) + "blitz" (lightning)
"The sushi roll was so full of wasabi it caused a major nasblitz which left my eyes watering and me gasping for air!"

(First used at a Sushi Bar in Orlando, Florida, circa 1990).
by jubchuQun December 01, 2009
This is the Latino waiter that comes to your table at a Mexican restaurant who does not seem to speak English, and even their Spanish is incomprehensible. The make no sense, mumble in what should be English, but may be Spanish and leave you with the feeling that you are not going to get anything near what your ordered.

Gender: masculine

Reference: TV series "I Love Lucy" character, "Ricky Ricardo"


“Richard the Lion-Hearted”; “Richard Coeur de Lion”) 1157–99, king of England 1189–99.

1480–90; < L retardāre to delay, protract, equiv. to re- re- + tardāre to loiter, be slow, deriv. of tardus slow; see tardy
The host was efficient and sat us at a nice booth, saying the waiter would be right over. Little did we know it would be a Ricky Retardo! His English was a mix of nonsequitor words, but fortunately I speak Spanish. Unfortunately, I cannot understand the Ricky Retardo's Spanish any better than his English! Am I getting a side dish of refried beans? Or just the beans? I am not sure...
by jubchuQun December 03, 2009