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Pinto beans simmered in a crock pot with bacon, fajita skirt, deer sausage, jalapenos, tomatos, cilantro, onions, minced garlic, chicken broth, & bacon. Pretty much the best way to make beans on the planet. There is also bacon in the recipe so that means they kinda rock!
Joel brought RENEGADE BEANS to work today! Sweet...... I don't have to buy lunch.

Marc & Roy make some OK beans but thay are crap compared to RENEGADE BEANS.

Dammit Carlos.......save some RENEGADE BEANS for us you fuckin poon! Bieber is starving!
by juanslawns August 30, 2012
Being so drunk that you are cross-eyd & you can actually defy gravity by leaning 145 degrees forward without falling over.
By the time I left Club Hush.........I was so "billy'd out" that I had to call James to pick me up!

Dude......I got so "billy'd out" last night that i ordered a pepperoni Cheatzza & passed out with my head in the box!
by juanslawns February 18, 2011

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