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So I was riding home from class on the bus through the mall parking lot. At my mall, there is an exit where the incoming cars have no stop signs, but the cars exiting the mall do. As you may have heard, there is a hefty bit of snow happening around the midwest, so stopping a bus in this mess is a tinge difficult. Anyway, We were rounding that corner coming out of the mall when a little sedan comes zooming up, trying to whip into the mall. The bus, already midturn, obviously isn't going to stop for this dick. The guy honks, and I'm sitting towards the front where I hear the bus driver(an African American individual) mutter to himself "Bitch... I'm a bus." and keeps driving. I laughed out loud, unable to contain myself.
Now, whenever I want to say I just don't give a fuck, instead I proudly exclaim "Bitch I'm a bus."
by juanchopancho February 02, 2011

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