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a lucky retard (word is a play on words on fucktard)
Wow, that retard won the lottery! What a lucktard!
by juanchito February 05, 2008
The oldest and funniest character in Futurama; Fry's great-great-great.....great uncle; the father/creator of Cubert Farnsworth; a prestigious member of the Academy of Inventors.
Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth: "Good news, everyone! The university is bringing me up on disciplinary charges. Wait! That's not good news at all!"
by juanchito February 29, 2008
the opposite of lucktard; what all retards are
All retards are unlucktards because being a retard is unlucky.
by juanchito February 06, 2008
An assessment worth more than a quiz but less than an exam; what cool teachers call a quest.
Ok class, tomorrow we'll be having a quizzam on the trustworthiness of online databases that anyone can contribute to or edit.
by Juanchito March 09, 2009
reference to the difficulty of achieving great academic success, such as winning Math Counts, that only Asians and Jews have the chance of doing
Jim: I was thinking of trying out for the Trivia Bowl Team.
Ping-Ling Feldgoldfarb: Good luck on that, you know, getting past the Jewsian factor...
by juanchito March 16, 2008
the voice with which a kid speaks when conversing with an adult; this voice is marked by faked politeness and is often several octaves higher than the normal voice
Matt: Chris, your grown-up voice makes you sound like a pre-pubescent girl.
by Juanchito September 16, 2010
an effeminate male (nelly)
I'm not gay, I'm just a nellie...
by juanchito March 15, 2008

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