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A person associated with the republican party who blatantly reveals their ignorance without regard to how stupid they look or sound.
Did you hear Sarah Palin's republignorant response when asked what newspapers she read by the reporter...?
by juancalcala June 23, 2011
Yonkes is an informal (slang) Spanish word used for junk and/or junk-yards. Yonkes does NOT refer to "Yankees" as some monolingual English people erroneously assume. This word is iconic at Chicano Park in Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA thanks to a civil-rights-era mural that reads "Varrio Si, Yonkes No." Meaning "yes to community, no to junk-yards." This was in response to the City of San Diego's decision to zone junk-yards in a heavily Mexican community during the 1960's.
Spanish: Vamos a los yonkes a comprar unas partes para mi carro.
English: Let's go to the junk-yards to buy some parts for my car.
by juancalcala July 18, 2011
The objective of "BothAnd" is to shift the national conversation from destructive debate to creative problem-solving by demonstrating new forms of constructive interaction. The goal is to replace "either/or" with "BothAnd" thinking as a more productive approach to divisive public issues.
...the tension among classical models, structural honesty, and compositional formalism constitutes a bothand argument in the Venturian sense...
by juancalcala September 28, 2009

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