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This is the most badass word around.
Only true bitchin homeboys who are knocking off the euro trash terrorists may use this word.
"Yippeekayay, mother fucker"
by Juan Valdez September 16, 2003
When a group of daring men bet to see who can bring home the fattest chick at the club.

Sex is optional and often a side bet.
Guy 1: You guys up for some piggin tonight?

Guy 2: fo shizzle my nizzle
by Juan Valdez April 08, 2003
A small mythological creature that causes hemhorroids and feeds off of the puss. See buttromper.
Jaret is an assgremlin. I'm bleeding to death thanks to Jaret's assgremlination.
by Juan Valdez December 19, 2002
well i dont know yet
ill tell you when that new year rellin kicks in
hmm...still feels like '03 ta me
by Juan Valdez January 14, 2004
Albanian word for filipino because they don't know no better, and can't pronounce it right.
Hey filapenis, come over here!
by Juan Valdez October 09, 2004
Female version of fuckstick.
That Lonondasheequa is such a fuckbag.
by Juan Valdez December 19, 2002
Something that is really fucking bad or really fucking good, depends on the context. Can be used more than once in a sentence. Can be used as any part of speach
Dude, that shit is jankety ass.

That's jank yo.

That jankety jank jank is totally jank ass.
by Juan Valdez September 14, 2003

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