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absolutely, totally
straight up gangsta
by JTYRHE June 04, 2004
Obviously a crossing of Serious, and Severe. used to punctuate as absolutely dire, or "not joking" statement or situation.
The Condition is Severious..

I am Severious.(when asked about the seriousness, or truthfullness of your statement).

Also, Severiously..
by JTYRHE June 04, 2004
Fear of a person or thing, due to it having modified DNA.
Due to loose record keeping, the boy's status as "Genetically Modified" had leaked. He was bullied, distrusted and feared, as he faced the brunt of his small town's Genephobia.
by jtyrhe October 19, 2013
The would-be anniversary date of a relationship that has ended.
John thought that today's date seemed familiar. He realized it would have been his and his ex-wife's anniversary, now phantoversary.
by jtyrhe December 18, 2013
The hatred, or shunning of genetically modified humans.
The girl knew that she had the DNA of three 'parents', and so did everyone else. She'd been treated badly due to this trait; having to deal with blatant Genecism her whole life.
by jtyrhe October 19, 2013

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