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2 definitions by jttwk

Someone who stalks bars in search of the hottest crowd, strongest drinks and best music.
"Man, he always knows what's going on."
"Yeah, he's such a barstalker."
by jttwk June 28, 2009
4 1
A social dating site where you can stalk NYC bars and other New Yorkers to see who goes out where and when.

Good for:
-Planning your night
-Meeting new people
-Finding under-the-radar hotspots
Scenario #1
"How do you find single guys that aren't totally lame?"
"Barstalk. And even if I find some guy who seems cool online, but is really lame in person, at least I'm at a bar so there's usually some other guy I can talk to."

Scenario #2
"What are you up to tonight?"
"Going to meet up with some barstalk girls on the Lower East."
by jttwk June 28, 2009
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