39 definitions by jtron 3000

To vomit, puke, blow chunks, etc.
"I gave my girlfriend a technicolor rainbow last night after she started bugging the shit out of me for going out drinking."
by Jtron 3000 September 08, 2003
Guys that have one earring.
"Nice earring, what does tha mean, I'm only half a fag?"
by Jtron 3000 April 17, 2003
The used and abused asshole of a slut job whore.
"Man, when she took of her dress and asked me to fuck her in the bum, my eyes popped out when I saw that blooming onion staring at me."
by Jtron 3000 September 08, 2003
A faggot,homosexual, ass spelunker.
Man, I went into the bathroom at that club and there were to joyboy's making out or some shit. Only in Miami.
by Jtron 3000 April 24, 2003
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