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2 definitions by jtothemotha

When you sniff coke out another man's ass.
Me and Fernando got a little rowdy last night and he totally gave me a Mr. Baeza!
by jtothemotha June 02, 2006
30 10
A common sexual encounter relating to when a man has anal sex with a woman then goes to her son's bedroom and wipes his stained penis across his bottom lip. This has to be done without the woman or her son finding out and you get bonus points if you get other members of the family! This move can only be peformed under the influence of cheap tequila and maybe a hit of heroin or two.
Dude, I totally pulled off a Dirty Gorman the other night. After Arlene passed out I snuck into victors room and totally disrespected him. Afterwards I washed my dick off in his fish tank.
by jtothemotha June 02, 2006
22 5