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The center of the universe. Part of a female's body located between her legs that is reason why all wars are ever fought. If you aren't getting it you want it, and if you are, it's never enough. Often times it used as the noun in sentence because, let's face it, often times us guys don't care what's all around the poontang as long as it is willing to provide us access to this magical land of wander
"Let's go get us some poontang!"
by JtothaC March 13, 2005
This great word has a double meaning. It can be used to describe a used condom, or it can be used to describe a woman who gives a lot of head and always remembers to swallow!
"Dude, your mom is a cumbag!"
by JtothaC March 19, 2005
Very simply male ejaculate. One of many ingredients in the recepie that is a child, it is available whenever needed by a woman. Although it is meant to create babies it usually slams against a laytex membrane (sometimes flavored) or a kleenex.
"I released my baby batter on her face, but she got a bit pissed"
by JtothaC March 14, 2005
Fat formations on a man that accumulate where a woman has her milky makers. Sometimes man tits are made when a man over exercisez her upper body creating some A cup t-shirt fillers. Not usually considered sexy, the man tits are usually looked down upon, expecially when they match or exceed the cup size of some women.
"Look at her boyfriend, he's got bigger man tits than she does!"
by JtothaC March 14, 2005
When speaking of quantity: an amount more than which is easily countable
When speaking of size: larger than a man can easily carry
When speaking of time: an amount of time which is larger than the expected amount
When used as a noun: a wad of semen released by a man inside the anus of another person (male or female alike)
"I got an ass load of collectible cars in my attic."
"How big is my house? It's got an ass load of space!"
"Jon went to buy beer 3 hours ago. He's taking an ass load of time"
"I gave your sister an assl oad last night!"
by JtothaC March 16, 2005
Word used to describe a person who is obsessed with water and the damage it causes. The arch enemy of a pyromaniac, the hydromaniac uses water to enetrtain himself by killing/injuring/destroying things, animals and people with the use of the allmighty H2O
Did you see all the floods in Asia? I think God is a hydromaniac.
by JtothaC March 12, 2005
small bits of poopie that get stuck to your ass (or its hair) when you don't wipe correctly.
Your mom tossed my salad last night and she found ass nuggets. She ate that shit!"
by JtothaC March 30, 2005

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