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2 definitions by jtizzle94

1) When a man urinates with an erection inside of a woman's vagina.

2) When a man urinates inside of a woman with a condom on, pulls out, ties off the condom and slaps the shit out of his bitch with the piss-filled condom.

3) A wizard bar in Harry Potter. No piss involved.
Doug: Yo, why is your biznitch so pissed off at you?

Jordan: That's ironic. She's pissed because I gave her a leaky cauldron and my piss got all over her.

Doug: Isn't that in Harry Potter?

Jordan: You're such a fucking virgin. (explains alternate meaning of leaky cauldron)

Doug: *High Five*
by jtizzle94 December 02, 2009
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Nickname of endearment for a friend inflicted with a curved penis. Coined by Erik and Michael and widespread throughout the East Lansing community.
Jordan: Hey guys, have you seen my sweet scar? (playing the penis showing game from the movie "Waiting")

Michael: HAH! You've got a curved cock!

Erik: Yeah, double c!

Michael: Haha yeah, C-Dubs!
by jtizzle94 December 20, 2009
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