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A large creature made entirely of cum. Walks the streets looking to victimize men and women by spraying them with super hot and sticky loads.
Look, it's Cumzilla, everyone run before it drowns us in salty jizz!
by jtcjr13 July 29, 2009
A woman who hunts for men that are willing to put there huge meat rockets in any bodily oriphus and then spray her down with gallons upon gallons of hot, sticky cum.
Hey Wendy, how was that gang bang last night? You are such a cock craving cum hound!
by jtcjr13 July 30, 2009
a business that is totally deoted to the sale and distribution of cum
Hi Mary, I just bought a gallon of cum from cumco
by jtcjr13 July 29, 2009
a delicacy in many european countries. composed primaraly of male ejaculate between two pieces of rye bread. toppings like pubic hair and vaginal discharge are often used for flavor.
Hey Viki, would anything else on your spermwich?
by jtcjr13 July 29, 2009
A condition in which a disgusting slut's dirty meat wallet cramps uncontrollably due to the the pressure it has received from years and years of getting blasted by hot and sticky man milk. Also known as a period.
Barbara came to me today complaining about painful cramps. I diagnosed it as a severe case of semenitis. I recommended that the dirty whore stops geting her ax wound pounded and creamed in until it heals.
by jtcjr13 August 06, 2009
A tasty treat that consists of male and female pubic hair balled up and stuck together with dried up cum. One of the many great products of the world famous Cumco.
Hey Randy, why don't you bring th wife and kids over later. Me and Sheila are grilling bratwurst and cumkabobs!
by jtcjr13 August 06, 2009
A fifty gallon barrel of steamy man smegma that is bought and traded on the open market. The demand of these barrel's directly reflects the amount of salty cum you may find in a rotten cunt's dirty mouth.
Hey Bob, did you see how much cum Wanda drank last night? It must have been at least a Barrel-O-Cum!
by jtcjr13 July 31, 2009

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