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An action that can be performed by either sex. On the male side...Shave your balls...wait a couple of days till stubble develops. After the eager awaiting of the stubble...drag your balls across your significant others face....leaving red marks...and if your balls are heavy enough....flesh wounds could possibly occur.

On the female side. After stubble develops from shaving your ferret flap...Convince your partner to give you a mustache ride. Grind your stubbly box into your partners face causing red marks and scracthes.
Oh god my face is killing me. I just woke up and I think John gave me the Kentucky Face Grader last night....oh well guess i wont have to exfoliate today.
#face plowing #cheek cultivator #epidermis subsoiler #irritated skin #pore cleaner
by jt1224 September 07, 2009
When nailing a chick hardcore...your balls are slapping her so hard...you leave red marks like you are gonna tear through her anal cavity.
I was banging Jill last night so hard. My balls almost busted her anal hyman like a wrecking ball.
#ball of destruction #the swinging ball #the tether ball #flying ball #the pendulum of doom
by jt1224 September 04, 2009
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