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similar to hanging out, but done with one's penis exposed
I can't wait to go to the beach after school. I'm gonna hang out with my wang out!
by JT Dollar Sign October 10, 2003
to appear to be important, but with one's penis exposed
I'm wearing a tuxedo to prom, but I know I'll stick out with my dick out.
by JT Dollar Sign November 08, 2003
when something is done to a great degree, always followed by an concurant statement of "Nice!" accompanied by a high five
JASON: Marc bought the beer last night - all the way to the bank!
JUSTIN: Nice! (high-five)
by JT Dollar Sign November 08, 2003
novel by Kurt Vonnegut
I read Breakfast of Champions aloud last night to my girlfriend, but she couldn't understand it as my mouth was full of vagina.
by JT Dollar Sign November 07, 2003
simply put, the study of the relation between matter and energy
Goodrich can teach yo ass some physics.
by JT Dollar Sign April 14, 2004
an adjective describing something excellent
Dude, that kickflip you just did was business.
by JT Dollar Sign December 20, 2003
To be on the set arrangement of plans: ON SCHEDULE, ACCORDING TO THE AGENDA
What's on the docket for today?
by JT Dollar Sign August 31, 2003
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