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The friend scale is used to define how good of a friend you are with someone. Once you are in a committed relationship though, you are no longer in the friend scale. The friend scale is as follows:

F1 – First meeting
F2 – Large group hangouts
F3 – Small group hangouts
F4 – Hang out one-on-one
F5 – Dating interest
F6 – Single date plus first kiss
F7 – Made out
F8 – Petting
F9 – Oral
F10 – Sex

F1 – F4 can be anyone of your friends, same sex or not. Two straight guys could consider each other F4’s. Also, each person doesn’t have to share the same friend scale ranking. And example would be that John considers Jane a F5 but Jane only thinks of John as a F4.

It is not necessary to hit each friend number, you may meet someone (F1) but quickly become a F5 without ever haven been F2-F4. F6-F10 are reserved for dating or friends with benefits.
And to define where a friendship is going you can add a + or – afterwards. Such as, if Jane had gone on a date with John and kissed him, but does not intend to date him again, she would think of John as a F6-. A little time would need to go by before she could officially demote him to F5 or lower though. But if the date had gone well, it would be a F6+

Decimal places would be used for situations where it was between two friend scale numbers.

An asterisk(*) could be used to share further information, such as we are friends now but used to date.
After having become F1s on the friend scale with Jane at the party, John look forward to becoming F4s some day.

When Jane got too drunk at the party she quickly took her F4 with John to a F10-, because she was not going to hit that again.
by jsunn December 28, 2009

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