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These are some of the fastest athletes in the world unaided by machines. The best of the best break 90 mph. Or 95. Those who wish to criticize the awesomeness of the sport cite a lack of physical conditioning necessary among racers. Perhaps these people are more familiar with recreational skiing. Being truly competitive on the slopes requires strength as well as endurance. As well as skill. Not to mention courage the courage required to throw oneself off of an ice ledge onto a 45 degree skating rink where harassed repeatedly by hard-plastic poles.
A: I do nordic bro, I'm so fast!

B: Ever heard of alpine skiing?

A: yeah but it was too cool for me. I though it would be more fun to ski up hills than down them.
by jski13 January 11, 2012
More commonly referred to as "nerdic," it is almost as cool as alpine skiing. There are two disciplines, classic and skate. Both require incredible strength, effort, and perseverance, although less skill than other types of skiing including freestyle, alpine racing, and ski jumping.
A: I have my first nerdic skiing race today, wish me luck!

B: Wow maddd respect dude, that almost as cool as what I'm doing this afternoon, which is going 90 mph to win the downhill.

A: Oh yeah?? I GOT A 5 ON THE AP TEST

B: ...

Nordic Skiing
by jski13 January 11, 2012

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