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To ride your bike from one side of the street to the other, making you look like a total gee. Useful when trying to bike while talking with someone who is walking, as g-riding slows you down.
I enjoy g-riding home with my friend Eugene. Since he walks, he can keep up with me when i g-ride.
by jsexysexc November 23, 2011
A much cooler way of saying faggot. Saying gaffgot makes you a total sex monster and a boss mofo.
Jeffrey: Fuck yes I just did one thousand pushups because I'm a sexy mofo.

Eugene: I don't do pushups because I'm a weak pussy shit.

Jeffrey: Eugene your a huge gaffgot.
by jsexysexc November 26, 2011
A sexier, less shitty way of saying motherfucker. Saying motherfi fo makes you a sex machine.
Jyc: Good morning sir.

Jpc: Fuck you bitch.

Jyc: You are a huge motherfi fo.

Jpc: That is true. I am also homosexual.
by jsexysexc November 27, 2011

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