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The agony one experiences when going several days without playing the popular Super Smash Bros. Brawl game. This can be treated by running home or breaking and entering homes until a brawl is located.
omg bro why you shakin
ah im goin thru withbrawal
aiight thats chill, want some natty ice?
by jscales March 24, 2008
One's factor of whether or not they need to urinate. A urination situation is commonly prompted on long road trips. This factor is vital so no one pisses on your backseat because those new panther seat covers are the hotness.
Yo Jerry, what's your urination situation?
Ah it's pretty mild, let's hit up McDonalds first.
by jscales March 24, 2008
Made famous by the CollegeHumor video, "Uber C0wange" means to be a dickface in halo and get pwned by a traffic cone or "pilon" as the nancyboy in the video calls it.
Did uz c dat Uber c0wnage video!?lol?
No, I'm not a queer
I know u r but wut am i? roflwafflelmao
by jscales November 15, 2007
One who does you a favor. Antonym of backstabber
Dude you left your keys at my apartment last night. Here you go.
Oh, thanks.
Yeah I also took the favor of carrying your recycles outside.
Wow you're such a frontstabber!
Did that acid wear off yet?
by jscales December 28, 2007
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