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1) A muscle car from '60s and '70s.
2) A piece of shit from the '80s.
3) A muscle car in current production.

Made by Dodge, part of the Chrysler Group.
"Ricers can kiss the Charger's ass as it's making their pos Hondas and Toyotas look as if they're standing still."


"Dude, the Charger is so much better than my piece of shit (insert name of Japan import here). It totally pwns.
by jrtman July 05, 2006
The area of Urban Dictionary that people spam, write profanity on and write racist statements on as well as insult other countries such as Canada, England and, yes, the United States.
I tried to make an intelligent remark on the wall but everyone called me a cracker and made sure to state how much America sucks.
by jrtman October 31, 2005
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