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3 definitions by jrscag

In competitive video gaming, the concept of one or more members of a team using homosexuality, whether genuine or under false pretenses, to psychologically throw off their opponents game.
Player: "Hey sexy, you got a myspace?"
Opponent: "Dude, I have a wife!"
Player: "She doesn't have to know about us!"
Opponent: *Aborts Game*
Player: "Homophobic Warfare at its finest"
by Jrscag May 20, 2009
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The action of a large 18 wheel rig turning into a highway without regard to traffic simply because their vehicle is considerably larger than yours.
Driver: "What the hell does he think he is doing?"
Passenger: "We just got rig blocked"
by jrscag May 22, 2009
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A rare form of road rage, said to originate from Weeki Wachee, Florida. Proclaimed by locals as an incurable disease and is believed to be a form of "Zombism". Traditional symptoms include:

1) Foul Language, with excessive use of four letter words.
2) Ocular Bleeding or Discharge.
3) Head trauma, likely from self inflicted blunt impact with individual's dashboard and/or steering panel.

In some extreme cases individuals may experience uncontrolled use of projectile feces, erections lasting as long as 3 hours from infection time, spontaneous combustion and brain aneurysm resulting in death.

Also referred to as: Wachee Rage, Severe Acute Road Rage Disorder.
Michael wasn't accustomed to driving in Florida, being that he is from Long Island, New York. While in most locations driving he experienced road rage, his condition declined while driving through Weeki Wachee. His autopsy revealed he suffered from Weeki Rage, his unfortunate cause of death.
by jrscag July 17, 2009
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