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A very good friend of yours that happens to be a male. Used in place of "boyfriend" to avoid uncomfortable situations.
Originated from having a "boy" that is a "friend," hence a "boy-friend." Eliminating the latter word leaving just "boy-" is pronounced "boy dash."
Straight guy #1: "I met this really awesome guy at college this semester. He's a really good boyfriend of mine."
Straight guy #2: "Woah bro. You're not gay, he's not your boyfriend. He's a really good boy dash of yours."

Girl #1: "Who's that?"
Girl #2: "Oh, that's John, one of my boyfriends."
Girl #1: "Wait, I thought you were dating Eric?"
Girl #2: "Yeah, I am. John's just a boy dash of mine."
by jrodbball03 December 14, 2010
What lacrosse players consider cool. The hair that comes out the back of their helmet that in no way makes them cooler than an average ant.
"Dude, did you see his lax flow bro?"

"Yeah man, he looks like a retard."
by jrodbball03 December 17, 2009
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