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DUN means everything that leads to a source of enjoyment.
That means when the admins and mods moderate, that's DUN.
When posters bitch about the moderating, that's DUN.
DUN is really bigger than we know.
DUN is anything that leads to a source of entertainment, whether good or bad.
Like the thread about the post count. That's DUN.
The threads calling folk out. That's DUN.
The threads about peoples failures and mishaps. That's DUN.
DUN has no limits. Just embrace it, don't fight it.
DUN is bigger than us. It's an internet wide movement.
Finding Syn's porn password from a google search and using it to log onto his profile on AATU, leading to threads being made about his love for mastodon cock, was so much DUN.
by jrod4422 March 31, 2010

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