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A frozen alcoholic concoction. The name refers to the fact that a frozen drink machine "swirls" the mixture in order to keep it from freezing inside of the apparatus. The name can also refer to the "swirling" pattern one might see in a frozen drink. Known for their aesthetic qualities and ability to cause extreme inebriation. Swirly Drinks are a favorite during Mexican restaurant happy hour and establishments that cater to guido d-bags i. e. Wet Willies

Lamont: Man, where the damn drinks at!

(Jalapenos waitress brings several giant Red Swirly Drinks to table)

Darius: (while taking particular notice of swirling pattern radiating down the center of the drink) Ewwwwwwwwwww SHIIIITTTT!!!!


Bubba: Look at Smiff's table! Happy hour must end in about 5 minutes. (Entire surface area of Smiff's table covered with Green Swirly Drinks).

John: Yep, Smiffs gettin fucked up tonight!
by jrm912 February 23, 2013
An article of clothing that will increase your girls bootylicousness exponentially.
Clarence: Damn, Ugly Betty lookn good t'night!

Antonio: Yep, dem white jeans took her from about a 3 to a 9!
by jrm912 June 14, 2012

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