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a sexual position, the meaning of which is having sexual relations in the backseat of a car.There are many variations such as the yellow webby, or doing it on a school bus, the black webby or doing it in a limo, and the red webby doing it on a firetruck. The blue webby, or on a snowmobile There is also the hot crossed webby which is a threesome in a backseat
whats that sound? Oh two people are webbying in that car.
by jrfredrick January 16, 2011
The lesser known second arch angel to fall from the grace of God. And on the tenth day after Satan had been cast out of heaven, Satan asked God if he could have a friend to do "things" with So after much looking on his Earth he finally found Megan. Megan Went to live with Satan who gave her the name Meganifer to sound more evil.
That Abigail williams is so evil!

No, she's just possessed by Meganifer
by jrfredrick January 27, 2011
Padawei is the plural form of the word padawan the second step to becoming a Jedi.
Master Kenobi is so frickin cool! they even gave him Padawei!
by Jrfredrick August 02, 2011
An erection that is obtained throughout the course of watching an episode of My Little Pony
* fap fap fap
Guy 1: What the hell is that?
Guy 2: (listens) oh thats just Darren.
Guy 1: Dude! is he jackin it?
Guy 2: Yep I hear Rainbow Dash talking. Don't worry he just has a Poner
Guy 1: Oh ok
by jrfredrick May 21, 2013
L.U.B.A.R. is an acronym for:
Liquored up beyond all reason
Liquored up beyond all recognition
Liquored up beyond all repair
Liquored up beyond all recognisance
Have you seen Sarah lately?
Yeah, she's pretty bad.
On, no! What happened?
She found Bob's whiskey stash.
Oh, no! how is she now?
She's pretty L.U.B.A.R.
by jrfredrick August 19, 2012
Someone who has a way with words, turning even the most boring,tedious story, into a magical and merryful story, while still maintaining the essence of the story
dont kid yourself and him screwing cheryl would be like him screwing my wife which would be his stepmom which is basically his mom which is basically you scoreboard Dad:1 Mom:0
Ohh what ami I doing honey? Owning you that's what! Oh you ask how? BEcause I am a Fucking Wordsmith that's how!
by jrfredrick July 18, 2011
A heavenly angel
and on the ninth and lesser known day after God gave the irish beer to keep them from conquering the world he did create Megan Wesley as a gift for the world
by jrfredrick January 22, 2011

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