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the awesomest girl a man could ever have, every single thing about her is freaking awesome. she will probably do a bad ass sport like cheerleading or silks, she will have blonde hair and blue eyes, probably about 5'2" and have a spectacular ass. she is the kind of girl that would be dating a jordan, and if you ever see a holly, you will most likely pass out and dream of a dragon on top of a volcano fighting off giant scorpions or something like that, and then most likely die of sheer amazement. she wont go for all of that crummy music of the 21st century, she would be into the good times of rock and roll. it will take some time to get used to her personality, but that is because it is far more awesome than any mortal man can handle (which is why she is dating a jordan.) she will have the body of a goddess, and the voice of a fallen angel.
-dude did you see that chick?
-yeah she must be a holly!
-i think my brain just imploded.
by jrah74 August 04, 2011

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