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motherfuckin rap phenomenon

if you think tupac is the best ever and you actually listened to his shit then peep who shot ya

tupac died first and i think we all know why
fuckin wit BIG it aint safe
by jr June 25, 2004
Im sorry Edinburgh Warheart but infact he uses HARMONIC MINOR and not the phygian mode :P
he he he i can play at 300bpm!
by JR February 13, 2005
when you get drunk enough to tell girls unflattering things about yourself,
you watch immature reality shows
you can't afford a cell phone

However, a buttering is only successful if she ends up calling u
"I was so completely buttered last night I told this girl Kristin that I sold sneakers for a living"
by JR December 02, 2004
A white kid who is really white farts an then giggles afterwards; Gay fart
Patrick stood up an let out a clown fart, then giggled like a fat dick.
by JR October 29, 2004
1) shane's mom's dildo
2) shocker
3) JR
So we were looking for the breathalizer, and drew stumbled upon my(shane) mom's jackrabbit.
by JR February 07, 2004
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