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67 definitions by jr

when someone jacks off too much with the same hand-winds up with a bent dick
situation-in the showers after gym class"boy russ, your crank is bent like hell, you been screwing around corners?"
by jr December 11, 2004
the brown trails on the toilet bowl after flushing a very dense turd
walter took a massive dump and left the bowl full of mud slides
by jr December 11, 2004
1) an obsession with bronzer
"You need some tanny girls today because you look kinda pale"
by JR February 24, 2005
a cool way hip people who wear decorative ties say enjoy
Mr. Reardon penjoys a yummy glass of red tea.
by jr February 23, 2005
Somebody who cant type
ogm i just pazned yer l347 adss

omg yur such a krah, every time you spell a word wrong god kills a kitten
by JR December 29, 2004
Rocking out with your cock out and/or hangin out with your wang out
I'm hittin the bars EPdogan style.
by JR May 07, 2004
A person that spends 150 dollers in UO currency to be good at it.
omg i pulled a krah, i bought world of warcraft money then got banned!!!
by JR December 27, 2004