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2 definitions by jps75

The feeling of depression, tiredness and absence of purpose that you get after an 'emotional high' of any kind. Similar, in ways, to the sugar crash that follows the 'sugar high' you get after you eat sugary foods.
Usually happens on sunday nights and mondays after busy weekends.
"Oh man, I had this great weekend with my friends and now I have to go home to my empty apartment. I see an emotional sugar crash coming".
by jps75 April 23, 2007
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A manual dishwashing technique that involves extremely limited contact with the dirty dish: you just spray dishwasher soap on it, open the tap and hope for the best.

Usually employed when there's no more clean dishes and you want to struggle on for an extra meal.
I got home so hungry and tired I couldn't bother to wash dishes properly, so I fixed something up and went with no-contact dishwashing instead.
by jps75 January 06, 2010
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