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A long freeze at home icy-pole that comes in a range of awesome flavours, and are the best on a hot summers day. Fairy floss, cola, bubble gum, etc. Awesome!
Dude 1: What have you got there?
Dude 2: A Zooper Dooper
Dude 1: Can I have some?
Dude 2: Get your own, theres a massive packet in the freezer
by jpp88 November 06, 2009
A girl (or guy) who tries to imitate Lady Gaga in the way they act, dress and mannerisms.
Dude 1: Look at that girl with her hair in a bow, fake square diamond sunglasses, off the shoulder top and a short puffy skirt with fishnet stockings and hooker heels.

Dude2: She's such a Wannaga.
by jpp88 September 03, 2010

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