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a)- a woman who is too sexual, too soon. Lacking confidence, she engages in flashing, suggestive dancing and/or more sexual behavior/activity soon after meeting someone she's attracted to.

b)- a woman who used to be a slut, but now has a boyfriend or husband, and has gone overboard in her attempt to be decent.
a)-"Dude, that girl told me she wasn't wearing underwear, and offered to give me a blowjob in the parking lot. I only said 'Excuse Me." to her when I accidentally bumped her at the bar."

"Well, she's 5ft tall, and 5ft wide: she's overcompenslutting to compete with the hot chicks here."

b)-"Man, what's up w/Jenn? Ever since she got a boyfriend, she stopped wearing miniskirts, hooker heels, and going braless. Now, she wears big sweaters, Keds, and Mom jeans. She doesn't even go out: she stays in with him, cooking, watching movies and tv."
"Well, he's new in town, and doesn't know how much of a hosebag she used to be. Its cool she's into her dude, but personally, I think she's overcompenslutting."
by jpm225ud January 09, 2010

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