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A party held in the middle of a field or farm crop so to avoid parents and police. Usually held by under age partiers and accompanied by a keg purchased by an older sibling.
"Ok, to get to the field party go down road 19380, turn left at the dirt road at the hay bales and drive until you see the keg!"
by jplanet November 12, 2007
Mexican Eskimo. A person who is part Mexican, part Eskimo.
Juan's dad is from Mexico, his mom is from Alaska. She's Inuit. Juan is a Meximo
by jplanet November 12, 2007
Work Best Friends Forever. Someone you really click with at work but probably won't be friends once one of you quits or gets fired.
My co-worker and I IM and gossip all day. We're WBFF.
by jplanet November 12, 2007

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