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An IT guy that thinks that every solution is "in the cloud"
Dude1: I can store my pictures in the cloud!
Dude1: I can store my bank records in the cloud!
Dude1: I can do my taxes in the cloud!
Dude1: I send my email in the cloud!
Dude1: I can sell my stuff in the cloud!
Dude2: You are such a cloud geek!
by jpkaty August 25, 2009
Of the Elven variety. Someone that is keebler or elven in nature. Small in stature or small features or pointy ears or all of the above. Keebler-like
His Keeblerish features often had passerbys asking him what was cooking in the tree today.
by jpkaty October 04, 2009
The nirvana reached when all of your technology solutions and applications have been moved to the cloudmoshere.
We turned out the lights in the data center said the cloud geek... all of our applications are in the cloud! We have reached Cloudtopia!
by jpkaty September 23, 2009
An abstract technology idea that 'belongs in the cloud'
Dude1 (cloud geek): you should place that application in the cloud!
Dude2: You think?
Dude1 (cloud geek): Yes, it's perfect... it makes cloudsense!
by jpkaty August 26, 2009
The time warp you realize you have entered when returning from vacation. Some things are vaguely familer, some things time has stood still, and yet others are in a dimension yet to be discovered.
Dude 1: What's happening since I have been gone?

Dude 2: Are you kidding me? What kind of vacation warp are you in?

Dude 1: (half-zombied) Did I miss something?
by jpkaty January 03, 2010
A location or country somewhere away from where you are, so far that you didn't know that you didn't know where it was.
Dude1: Where is Bob going?
Dude2: Bob is moving somewhere over there. Maybe in the Middle East
Dude1: Where?
Dude2: Somewhere in Faroffistan or something...
by jpkaty March 11, 2010
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