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To take a nap or a shit.
i have to takeone
by jphg October 27, 2003
incestual sex partner for ervyone.(see deleted slut word i moved tis defintion from therre to here, it was incohernt and odsevne there its good here)
i am everymansdaughter 3times overtherhine a band fomr cincy
by jphg October 27, 2003
1. Blow JOb:sucking penis until cum
2. BJ:initilas for male name, and female
3. take a leak; i use it that way
4. i say shit randomly and that cums out
5. biotch j the nickname of my friend who inspired all these action.
I have to take a biotch j (bj).
by jphg October 27, 2003

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