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A daydream about killing someone or something.
Ralphie had a slaydream about thwarting bandits from invading his home.
by jpg3 February 02, 2014
The fear of washing dishes mostly affecting lazy people who also suffer from chorephobia.
When dad asked mum why the sink was stacked full of dirty plates, cutlery, pots and pans he was informed that his little princess was having another dishphobia attack.
by jpg3 August 05, 2010
Those non-black people that constantly use the " N " word in their conversations. These people are like a hostess twinky, no chocolate anywhere.
Dude A says to dude B " Wazzup nigga ?"
Dude B replies " Yo nigga, how you doin'?"
Dude C says " You'se my booooys nigga's!"
Two girls are watching this exchange and one turns to the other and says " What a bunch of niggatwinky fools."LOL
by jpg3 September 27, 2010
An up4luck is the voting up of this word so as to bring positive energy into your life and good things will happen to you.
An up4luck will bring you luck. A vote down on this word brings you bad luck.
by jpg3 October 09, 2011
ooze from the eye, eyecrusty
Pardon me but you have eyecome.
by jpg3 October 02, 2011
Having a beard that is considered sexy.
Every chick in the room turned to stare in awe when the beardsexy dude arrived at the party.
by jpg3 December 22, 2013
To be so into yourself that nothing or nobody else matters.
Some people become so selfpossessed theres no helping them.
by jpg3 October 30, 2011

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