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167 definitions by jpg3

To get fucked hard and fast.
Slow love making is a beautiful thing but sometimes a frenzyfuck is much needed.
by jpg3 September 01, 2011
722 12
People becoming involved with somebody having a ready made family out of a now defunct relationship.
Yo', I gots hooked up with a bangin' bitch and its all good 'cept one of them kids calls me a stepfuck.
by jpg3 August 17, 2011
761 51
A bunch of uneducated adults from the same gene pool that are all living in one crackerjack box in millville, n.j., AKA illville
When driving thru southjersey beware of them fucking millville-morons.
by jpg3 August 14, 2011
719 10
A slimeball that sends cybersex talk to a child on the internet.
Check your kids online activity 'cause there may be a fuckin' thirty or fifty year old pedo-netter getting off by sending children disgusting messages.
by jpg3 August 22, 2011
729 31
Completly covered in sperm.
Captain Jism splugesprayed everything.
by jpg3 August 20, 2011
731 41
Anyone that has numerous orgasms, ejaculations.
Captain Jism splugesprayed the entire room.
by jpg3 September 04, 2011
705 17
When some annoying asshole just won't shut the fuck up you tell them to go to shuttysville.
Next time an asshole keeps blah blah blahing tell them to go the hell to shuttysville.
by jpg3 August 25, 2011
724 40