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To be so into yourself that nothing or nobody else matters.
Some people become so selfpossessed theres no helping them.
by jpg3 October 30, 2011
A male penis so small that it would be able to fit thru the hole of a cheerio.
A friend asked another how the date went that a matchmaking service arranged and the response was " It seemed promising untill he showed his cheerio dick to me right there in the bar.
by jpg3 October 28, 2011
Losercide is the act of blowing oneself up and killing numerous innocent people.
Usually committed by a wannabe martyr that thinks it will make them an instant hero.
A real martyr is a person who suffers torture, torment, great pain or misery for a long time rather than giving up their beliefs.
After two policemen wrestle a suspect to the ground, and disarm the explosives hidden beneath the individuals clothing, one cop says to the other " I'm glad that Losercide failed."
by jpg3 October 10, 2010
The act of performing oral sex on a male penis.
Midway thru happy hour at the local bar one girlfriend asked another where their other girlfriend went and was told " Oh, she took that hunky guy out to the car to make out, she's probably honkin' on bobo by now, lol"
by jpg3 July 24, 2010
To put yourself down. When oneself believes they are worthless and of no value.
Nobody should ever commit egocide.
by jpg3 August 10, 2014
An individual that allows family and friends to treat them like shit. The individual gets tired of having to tolerate the bullshit treatment and will cry to people that don't treat them like shit and these people that never shit on that individual will be there for support. But then the individual wants to tolerate being shit on again by their family or friends and then the people giving the individual their support end up having to deal with that individuals shit.
The shitlover is a lost cause and always ends up going back for more so don't even get involved or you will be a shitlover too.
by jpg3 December 05, 2011
The bullshit so called tunes passed off as country music.
I love true country music not that cuntrap crap.
by jpg3 November 14, 2011

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