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Those non-black people that constantly use the " N " word in their conversations. These people are like a hostess twinky, no chocolate anywhere.
Dude A says to dude B " Wazzup nigga ?"
Dude B replies " Yo nigga, how you doin'?"
Dude C says " You'se my booooys nigga's!"
Two girls are watching this exchange and one turns to the other and says " What a bunch of niggatwinky fools."LOL
by jpg3 September 27, 2010
When someone can use their toes to pick things up or pinch you they have monkeytoes.
She used her monkeytoes to masturbate her lover to orgasm.
by jpg3 July 22, 2011
Any guy looking to get something for self gratification by either shooting his load into a jar at a sperm bank and getting paid for being a jerk-off OR by sweet talking a female into letting his loser-ass fuck her and when she gets pregnant by him he punks-out and won't daddy-up.
Mr. Squirt, aka sperm-donor, went to the sperm-bank where he made a deposit and got a withdrawal because he needed money to impress the hotty he had a date with that night where he would make another deposit but no withdrawal.
by jpg3 April 16, 2011
A guy willing to hook up with a chick that has children from a previous relationship. Some step-kids will love him and others will not. The step-kids real dad is either not in the picture or there was a split from the kid's mom for some reason.
If a kids lucky they're mom will find them a good step-dad and not some fucker who treats them like shit.
by jpg3 January 09, 2011
Some bitch that looks like a neanderthal, complete with big forehead, unibrow, hunched back, etc.
Saw a cavebitch in walmart yesterday.
by jpg3 November 26, 2011
Sex that is as infrequent as getting to disneyland, happens rarely and not as often as you would like, but when you are lucky enough to get it you have a fucking awesome time.
Walt had a shit-eating grin on his face all day and Mickey asked why and Walt said, " Got me some disneylandsex last night."
by jpg3 February 20, 2011
To have a bowel movement thereby emptying the colon.
In otherwords, take a dump.
One always feels better after bowelvoiding.
by jpg3 December 02, 2011

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