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To hug during fucking.
After sex cuddles are nice but a fuckhug is better.
by jpg3 September 17, 2011
Losercide is the act of blowing oneself up and killing numerous innocent people.
Usually committed by a wannabe martyr that thinks it will make them an instant hero.
A real martyr is a person who suffers torture, torment, great pain or misery for a long time rather than giving up their beliefs.
After two policemen wrestle a suspect to the ground, and disarm the explosives hidden beneath the individuals clothing, one cop says to the other " I'm glad that Losercide failed."
by jpg3 October 10, 2010
Some bitch that looks like a neanderthal, complete with big forehead, unibrow, hunched back, etc.
Saw a cavebitch in walmart yesterday.
by jpg3 November 26, 2011
A sexual partner that is very vocal and their volume increases making them louder the more aroused and stimulated they get.
The horny couple were at a party and found a place to hide so they could have a quick fuck but because one of them was a noisetoy everyone soon knew the lover's secret.
by jpg3 October 13, 2011
The act of placing an empty plastic bottle by your ass then after farting into it replace the cap, find an unsuspecting victim, remove the cap and squeeze the bottle under their nose, reactions vary.
During the ride home from their shore visit one of four friends falls asleep in the backseat, the driver starts laughing and says, " Dudes, do a pooter shooter on sleeping beauty, LOL"
by jpg3 August 28, 2010
A daydream about killing someone or something.
Ralphie had a slaydream about thwarting bandits from invading his home.
by jpg3 February 02, 2014
Despite having a sister this boy gets all of dads praise, attention, affection, etc.. from childhood into adulthood any and all of dads focus is on the boy not the girl.
Life is good for daddysboy, over forty, still living with the parents. He was glad not to be like his little sister, struggling to pay bills, stressed and having a mortgage.
by jpg3 November 02, 2011

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