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168 definitions by jpg3

To have a gun and be able to use it if needed or to be unarmed and have to run and hope for the best.
When the home invaders started kicking in the door it became a gun or run scenario and the owners were glad they had invested in that Remington 870 shotgun.
by jpg3 November 08, 2011
To hug during fucking.
After sex cuddles are nice but a fuckhug is better.
by jpg3 September 17, 2011
Anyone driving slow in the fastlane on a roadway. Someone that should drive in the slowlane.
It sucks to be in a hurry and getting stuck behind a fastlanefuck.
by jpg3 July 30, 2011
Sex that is as infrequent as getting to disneyland, happens rarely and not as often as you would like, but when you are lucky enough to get it you have a fucking awesome time.
Walt had a shit-eating grin on his face all day and Mickey asked why and Walt said, " Got me some disneylandsex last night."
by jpg3 February 20, 2011
Losercide is the act of blowing oneself up and killing numerous innocent people.
Usually committed by a wannabe martyr that thinks it will make them an instant hero.
A real martyr is a person who suffers torture, torment, great pain or misery for a long time rather than giving up their beliefs.
After two policemen wrestle a suspect to the ground, and disarm the explosives hidden beneath the individuals clothing, one cop says to the other " I'm glad that Losercide failed."
by jpg3 October 10, 2010
An inhabitant or permanent resident of a room or group of rooms below the ground level and usually under a building often a relative or child turned adult that refuses to leave the parents home.
After seeing the empty pantry, refrigerator and the recent electric bill Dad turned to Mom and said, " This is outrageous, tell cellar-dweller he needs to get a job and pay room and board we cannot afford him anymore."
by jpg3 August 05, 2010
Slang insult directed towards a gluttonous person that has just " eaten out " the entire contents of a refrigerator / freezer.
After Twiggy discovered that her room-mate Roseanne had consumed the entire contents of the refrigerator again she yelled, " Holy cow Rosie, this fridge69 shits gotta' stop !"
by jpg3 August 03, 2010