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On new years eve most people desire better futures but some individuals have thoughts about what unimaginable new fears could occur.
At the new fears eve party all the doubters tried drinking away their nightmares.
by jpg3 December 29, 2012
Any guy over the age of nineteen that is NOT really mentally retarded and STILL lives with mommy and daddy, has no job, no car, finds a girlfriend online then has to depend on his parents to pick that girl up AND pay for everything.
As the girl watched the clock pass another hour beyond the promised time, she got a text from her twentytard boyfriend stating his mommy was still sleeping and the date wasn't happening.
by jpg3 October 21, 2012
A tasty hiney.
Yep I'd bite dat ass, it be hineylicious.
by jpg3 November 03, 2012

A vote FOR anyone NOT deserving it during the election post hurricane Sandy. Gained by politicians stepping into the spotlight, making promises and playing on the emotions of victims, aka voters, using the disaster for their own benefit.
The polling booths will see a lot of Sandy-votes in 2012.
by jpg3 November 03, 2012
Felines that breed rapidly and over populate an area. Like cockroaches they are to many in one place.
The catroaches multiplied quickly and swarmed the house.
by jpg3 January 10, 2013
A humungous overweight out of shape poor excuse for a living thing.
A whaleasaurus lay on the beach surrounded by empty food containers.
by jpg3 May 18, 2013
Any yummy food that's crunchy and cheese flavored.
Doritos and Cheetos are cruncheesey:)
by jpg3 January 25, 2014

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