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169 definitions by jpg3

AKA the Renee Zellweger face, that squinty eyed puckered up lip effect as if the person just sucked a bushel of lemons.
Theres nothing attractive about a sour puss pout.
by jpg3 October 26, 2011
Those individuals that end up being scared into pissing their pants.
Watch out you don't get pissed on while frightening them scare spastics.
by jpg3 November 07, 2011
Drinking mucho tequila and getting or being layed.
If you wake up naked, hugging a bottle of Jose Cuervo and have a sore ass then chances are you got tequilayed.
by jpg3 November 18, 2011
The act of telling a lie while at the same time wishing it were true.
When asked if they got the promotion at work the individual responded with a liewish and said yes.
by jpg3 November 15, 2011
When someone is due for a shower.
If that smell is me I'm showerdue.
by jpg3 November 16, 2011
The process of causing someone to scream by taking an icy-cold popsicle from out of a freezer and then placing it directly upon the victims bare skin / body; ie: back, front or into any body opening, brrrr.
After slipping into the cozy warm bed and snuggling up next to their lover a prankster played the old screamsicle trick and nearly gave the surprised partner a heart attack.
by jpg3 November 27, 2011
When the simple task of putting socks onto your feet becomes an impossible challenge.
One friend to another," How did you get that cast on your arm?"
Reply back," I went socktarded while standing on one leg, fell over and broke it."
by jpg3 November 25, 2011