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What the resident's of Northern Maine call the people from Southern Maine, most of whom migrated from Massachussetts.
One Mainer says to another, " Those MASS-HOLES are everywhere !"
by jpg3 July 09, 2011
That accumulation of smelly nasty funk found under the fat rolls of an overweight person.
If you smell something fucking gross while being next to a really fat person its probably their obesecheese.
by jpg3 July 23, 2011
To get a thumbs down vote on urban dictionary.
Someone just thumbfucked me on urban dictionary.
by jpg3 July 17, 2011
Italian word used to describe abundance.
Mama Mia yelled to everyone at the dinner table, " abudanza", eat, eat.
by jpg3 July 14, 2011
After eating to much spicey flavored with hot sauce food you take a shit and your assholes on fire.
I went to take a shit after eating mexican food covered in hot chili sauce and winced when it became painfully apparent that I had tobasco-ass !
by jpg3 August 28, 2011
Any state trooper thats an asshole.
Watch your speed on the highway or a fucking state twerper might get you.
by jpg3 August 10, 2011
When a man inserts his erect penis thru the holes of several donuts so as to carry them because his hands are holding something else, usually beverages.
A lover awoke to see their mate standing naked at the foot of they're bed holding two cup's of hot cocoa, one in each hand and on his donut-stick were a couple tasty looking double glazed ring-shaped cakes of sweetness just waiting to be gobbled up.
by jpg3 October 29, 2011

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