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This is what some mama's turn into when their babies leave home.
After little johnny moved out his mama turned into a fucking MTnestR.
by jpg3 September 09, 2011
The right lane of any roadway having more than one going in the same direction is designated as the slower driver lane and is intended for drivers that are not in a hurry and want to do the posted speed limit or are exiting the roadway and need to reduce speed while getting off at the ramp or are unsure of where they are and need to drive slow as they look for signs.
Some drivers need to keep up with the flow of traffic or they should stay in the grannylane.
by jpg3 July 30, 2011
An eye that has been ejaculated into and the sperm irritates it causing swelling and redness. Most people use the excuse that it was from to much chlorine in the pool water.
After her mom commented about her eye looking infected the girl answered it was swimmerseye but she knew it was from her boyfriend shooting his load and giving her a facial.
by jpg3 December 27, 2010
Perfect answer to anyone asking for something you ain't got.
It would be great to give more money to them debt collectors but most of us gotsnone.
by jpg3 December 20, 2011
Snapdragons is a game where the players attempt to snatch raisins out of a bowl filled with brandy thats lit on fire.
While playing snapdragons try not to get burnt.
by jpg3 November 24, 2011
What someone says to somebody else when somethings not to be touched.
The old man hollered NOT-A-FINGER at the kid's because he didn't want them touching anything.
by jpg3 November 18, 2011
To have a gun and be able to use it if needed or to be unarmed and have to run and hope for the best.
When the home invaders started kicking in the door it became a gun or run scenario and the owners were glad they had invested in that Remington 870 shotgun.
by jpg3 November 08, 2011

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