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Proof that hordes of mindless zombies in need of brains really do exist.
The zombie populations true numbers were exposed when they all came out of hiding to support the zombieking.
by jpg3 November 03, 2011
The dumbfuck that zigzags in and out of lanes thru traffic, cutting everyone off and carelessly driving just so they can try being ahead of others.
The highwaycop sitting in the medium observed a traffictroll driving recklessly and decided to pull the idiot over and issue some citations.
by jpg3 October 14, 2011
A sexual partner that is very vocal and their volume increases making them louder the more aroused and stimulated they get.
The horny couple were at a party and found a place to hide so they could have a quick fuck but because one of them was a noisetoy everyone soon knew the lover's secret.
by jpg3 October 13, 2011
ooze from the eye, eyecrusty
Pardon me but you have eyecome.
by jpg3 October 02, 2011
This is what some mama's turn into when their babies leave home.
After little johnny moved out his mama turned into a fucking MTnestR.
by jpg3 September 09, 2011
People becoming involved with somebody having a ready made family out of a now defunct relationship.
Yo', I gots hooked up with a bangin' bitch and its all good 'cept one of them kids calls me a stepfuck.
by jpg3 August 17, 2011
A bunch of uneducated adults from the same gene pool that are all living in one crackerjack box in millville, n.j., AKA illville
When driving thru southjersey beware of them fucking millville-morons.
by jpg3 August 14, 2011

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