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169 definitions by jpg3

The thing constantly said by a teenager once they get their learner permit for a drivers license. Usually repeated numerous times in any given day and mostly when the parents announce having to go someplace for something.
Mom to dad," I have to go pick up Jr., need anything ?"
Teenage daughter grabs keys and says," I'm driving."
by jpg3 September 28, 2010
Those non-black people that constantly use the " N " word in their conversations. These people are like a hostess twinky, no chocolate anywhere.
Dude A says to dude B " Wazzup nigga ?"
Dude B replies " Yo nigga, how you doin'?"
Dude C says " You'se my booooys nigga's!"
Two girls are watching this exchange and one turns to the other and says " What a bunch of niggatwinky fools."LOL
by jpg3 September 27, 2010
The Cadbury Egg comes out Easter time, it is a chocolate egg filled with a creamey gooey center. Hence giving someone a Cadbury Egg Ass Kiss is the act of fucking someone, filling their ass with cum then planting a big kiss on their asshole afterward. Anyone can perform this on anyone and you don't have to wait for easter.
The Easter Bunny gave Mother Nature a Cadbury Egg Ass Kiss, LOL
by jpg3 September 14, 2010
A person who habitually puts off doing tasks usually having the end result of someone else doing the job.
During a semester of culinary arts in high school most of the class learned to despise the teachers pet because she was a chorecrastinator and they fucking hated having to clean up after her.
by jpg3 August 31, 2010
The act of placing an empty plastic bottle by your ass then after farting into it replace the cap, find an unsuspecting victim, remove the cap and squeeze the bottle under their nose, reactions vary.
During the ride home from their shore visit one of four friends falls asleep in the backseat, the driver starts laughing and says, " Dudes, do a pooter shooter on sleeping beauty, LOL"
by jpg3 August 28, 2010
When someone younger than yourself talks back to you in an insolent way.
After overhearing the childs tirade to her parents the grandmother intervened by saying, " Hush up you little sassbacker this is a perfect example of spare the rod, spoil the child."
by jpg3 August 25, 2010
The fake laugh added to the end of any sentence either written or verbal. Usually used by someone that thinks they are very funny but they are not. he he he
After having read someones status on facebook the dumbass posted a comment followed by he he he otherwise known as the stooge LOL.
by jpg3 August 17, 2010