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169 definitions by jpg3

People becoming involved with somebody having a ready made family out of a now defunct relationship.
Yo', I gots hooked up with a bangin' bitch and its all good 'cept one of them kids calls me a stepfuck.
by jpg3 August 17, 2011
A bunch of uneducated adults from the same gene pool that are all living in one crackerjack box in millville, n.j., AKA illville
When driving thru southjersey beware of them fucking millville-morons.
by jpg3 August 14, 2011
Those fucking crazy relatives the rest of the family don't want anything to do with.
During the family reunion everyone stopped and stared at a convoy of vehicles rolling to a stop and in the stunned silence a collective gasp of terror was heard from all because the funny bunch had arrived.
by jpg3 July 31, 2011
The right lane of any roadway having more than one going in the same direction is designated as the slower driver lane and is intended for drivers that are not in a hurry and want to do the posted speed limit or are exiting the roadway and need to reduce speed while getting off at the ramp or are unsure of where they are and need to drive slow as they look for signs.
Some drivers need to keep up with the flow of traffic or they should stay in the grannylane.
by jpg3 July 30, 2011
Better Than You syndrome is a mental attitude disorder that occurs when certain individuals believe other human beings are beneath them.
We all meet some fucking asshole thats got BTY syndrome.
by jpg3 July 24, 2011
A fucking moron that repeatedly votes down the same words by another urban dictionary author.
A thumbtard will repeatedly vote down the same definitions of specific urban dictionary author's.
by jpg3 July 24, 2011
After turning of legal age and having to deal with adult situations like working and paying bills, ie: living in the real world, all the teenage drama and petty crisis seem dumb.
Teendumb fades away once you become an adult.
by jpg3 July 20, 2011