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No Meals To Bedroom, Used when a teen or live at home adult goes from taking a bag of chips, handful of cookies, etc. into their bedroom to snack on and starts toting a complete meal there instead. Derived via the shortened form of talking usually used by texters, teens and people that cannot spell. Sometimes parents resort to this method of communication in attempting to be understood by children that are afraid of using complete sentences and big words.
After visiting the kitchen and having heaped a plate full of spaghetti and meatballs, the teen was sneaking back into the bedroom with it but was thwarted by the parent saying, " N.M.T.B."
by jpg3 August 11, 2010
When a guys hair starts thinning and his ego dictates that he would rather not be seen with half a head of hair but he would look cooler by just shaving it all off. They refer to their new do as a " choice ".
Bruce Willis opted for the prebaldy do, rather then be made fun of for wearing a wig.
by jpg3 August 13, 2010
Most guys that get married get a mother inlaw, but other less fortunate fella's get a cunt inlaw. No matter what these poor slobs do to appease the old bat its never good enough and the nosey bitch is always trying to break up a happy couple. Cunt inlaws problems most often stem from being jealous of their own daughters having a better marriage than they do.
One day an average Joe surprises his coworkers by actually going out with them for drinks after work. One of them ask him whats the occasion and the response is, "I called my sweety and found out the cunt inlaw stopped by for another unannounced visit."
by jpg3 October 05, 2010
A stepasshole can be male or female and is the bad step-parent that gives the good step-parents a negative image. The majority of step-parents are doing their best and trying to make everything work out all around for everybody involved yet the opposite is true of the stepasshole whom only cares about the one, themself.
Two newly remarried moms with children from the previous spouses are comparing their new husbands. One mom says," This is working out far better than I could have imagined, the kids love him and he adores them."
The other moms reply is," Thats nice, lucky you. My lifes miserable, this jerks selfish, uncaring and I don't get any help from him in anything. He treats me and my kids like shit. He ain't no stepdad he's a stepasshole."
by jpg3 October 23, 2010
A person that resorts to using real money so as to buy their way thru an online game in this way they can purchase better tools, weaponry, XP, etc. thus gaining an unfair advantage over other players who are earning progress by actually playing the game.
While playing Band of Heroes on facebook, a player posted the comment, " WTF, I been working hard at this game for six months getting no where and that other dude started last week and is in the top ten already ?" To which another player replies, "Yeah, thats a credit card player, a loser that wins, LOL"
by jpg3 August 15, 2010
A name given to the original cowboy's who were actually from Florida, it is derived from the sound of the whip they use while rounding up cattle. To them the nickname is a compliment not an insult.
The cracker drove his herd of cattle to a greener pasture.
by jpg3 July 11, 2011
This is a stand up guy thats been raising his wifes children born from a previous relationship. Step pop treats these kids like their his very own.
My step pop is fucking awesome.
by jpg3 January 25, 2011

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