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Dirty Asian men, usually together in a group, typically under the age of 45.
Yokoshima Migosaki Tacoma Suzuki was standing with his dirty rice friends.
by jp money September 26, 2004
"In other words cool or tight or phat"
Like when you hear a song you like you'd be like you hear that new song that came out THAT SHIT GO!!!
by Jp money February 26, 2014
when a guy fucks a girl missionary, and pulls out cumming on her stomach, the guy then lays his body on top of her, creating a nut sandwich.
i came all over that skeezer's stomach and gave her a nut sandwich.
by jp money September 26, 2004
Done by a group of guys, the last person to cum on the cupcake has to eat it.
thats some good cupcake.
by jp money September 26, 2004

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