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a glam goth can be male or female,has a more unique fashion sense,they dress a little different than the tradition goth,they refence back to the old glam days(ziggy stardust,t-rex,velvet goldmine)combine with goths today or in the past,glam goths are more artsy,avant-garde wear brighter colors of clothes and make-up,they push androgyn to the limit,they care how they look all the time,most of them are straight,but act like they're bi(like most goths do)also glam goths lead the sex,drugs and rock n roll lifestyle to the fullest extent.
I'm consider to be a glam goth,brian molko is considered to be a glam goth,this may be a bad example but so is marilyn manson
by jovan January 21, 2004
Gettin a Hot Blow job from a hot Bitch
I Got Fellatio from my hot girlfriend.
by Jovan August 24, 2003

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