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1. Josie's Dad
2. A really really cool muffin
3. A sea creature
- You know who's short? Josie
- Nah man, Maffins is way shorter
- I ate a maffin!
- Nooo way, those are so cool
- *splash*
- what the hell was that?
- I think it was a maffin
- holy crap, call the popo
by josie chau May 02, 2010
Josie's Bestfriend, and now it's legit. Urban Dictionary legit. :3. So tell it to the big bird you frog-cat-house-armadillo-person.
cat - Woah, Josie is freaking tall
armadillo - & Tulip. is like freaking short, how do they talk?!
cat - idk, but that is one freaking ninja cool friendship
armadillo - yuppers :3
by josie chau May 02, 2010

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